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Solutions signOur long list of varied assignments and industry categories means that we bring a broad range of best practices and experience to solve your business problems. We appreciate the opportunity to present our credentials in even more detail when we meet.

Primary Services

  1. Advertising Strategy & Planning:  close alignment of advertising and target audience needs with business and marketing objectives; identification of truly unique and differentiated positioning options
  2. Agency Performance & Compensation:  setting clear, practical objectives and establishing fair compensation levels; often in coordination with procurement/purchasing departments
  3. Agency Operations & Processes:  ensure alignment of resources and costs with business objectives
  4. Agency Review & Selection:  establish objectives and manage process (may be in coordination with search consultant for larger accounts)
  5. Branding:  development of holistic brand strategy and integration plan; corporate identity
  6. Client/Agency Relationships:  establishment of clear objectives and improved understanding of how each side works to achieve these objectives
  7. Communications Research:  qualitative and quantitative studies including creative evaluation and image tracking
  8. Corporate Reputation:  analysis and strategy for protecting/improving corporate reputation
  9. Internal Engagement and Team Building:  strategy and plan for maximizing effort/ accomplishments of staff to achieve business objectives
  10. Marketing Strategy & Planning:  portfolio and product positioning; implementation
  11. New Product Development:  naming, positioning and concept development

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